Primofin is specialized in washing of potatoes. Primofin operates in Swifterbant 2 washing lines for potatoes. The first line is dedicated for washing potatoes with a destination for the processing industry (french fries, specialities and flakes). This line makes us able to remove dirt, stones, sprouts, non usables (e.g. rotten and green potatoes) and floaters (low solid potatoes) from a load of potatoes in a high capacity. We use a salt brine to remove the floaters. A machine inspects the potatoes for non usables such as potatoes with rot, green and growth cracks a for foreign material.

The second line is for washing potatoes for export. Potatoes which must have a long shelf life after the washing process. This line makes us able to clean intensively potatoes in a friendly and hygienic method. The potatoes are washed, dried, selected, graded en stored in boxes. In the next step we pack the potatoes in big bags, net bags (10-25 kg) or paper bags (10-25 kg).